Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Showing the Spirit

Diva Jan, Queen of Bits and Bytes, of the Divas of Ancaster, uses any situation she can to explain to others about the Red Hat Society and how they can get involved!

At her community’s soup fest, with over 6000 people in attendance, Jan was asked to be a celebrity server. She used the opportunity to be a Red Hat Society Hatter, dressed in a long gown, a large hat and lots of bling! She served soup and talked to many people about the Red Hat Society. She gave out lots of Red Hat Society referral cards, as well as brochures as she smiled and joked around about all the fun she was having as a Red Hat Society Member!

Jan is one of our beloved Red Hat Society Ambassadors! Ambassadors promote our philosophy of Fun, Friendship, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fitness as they create awareness of the Red Hat Society. Jan, and other women like her, are spreading the word about the difference the Society has made in their lives! 

What’s a Pink Hatter?

Sometimes when our ladies are out and about, you may spot a woman wearing a pink hat with a lavender outfit. These ladies are our beloved Pink Hatters! Pink Hatters, sometimes known as “Ladies in Waiting,” are a wonderful and essential part of the Red Hat Society. Not yet 50, Pink Hatters deck themselves in lavender and pink until the "magic birthday!" Some chapters are made up entirely of Pink Hatters! Pink Hatters can even reign as Queens—but they continue to wear lavender and pink until they REDuate. Pink Hatters are a huge part of the RHS legacy: women of all ages find sisterhood in the Red Hat Society!

We strongly encourage that the donning of the “big girl” colors of red and purple be reserved until a woman has reached the "magic birthday" (50). This adds an element of fun to getting older, which we think is invaluable to women in our society who often dread doing so and deny it at all costs. We believe that getting older should be something to be accepted, anticipated and enjoyed!

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  1. I'm an Ambassador and I get asked this all the time "What age does a girl got to be to play with you?" I tell them 21. The 21-49 year olds are the Pink Hatters. You reduate at 50 and then you are a Red Hatter for the rest of your life. The age of 21 allows them to go wherever us RHers go.

    Thanks for the blog!