Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adding A Touch of Green to the Red and Purple!
Hatters add a little extra sparkle to the world wherever they go, and this Texas chapter is no different! The Big D Re-Gals (Dallas, Texas, United States) had a great St. Patrick’s Day party at The Holy Grail pub! Queen for the Day, Etta, organized the event, and everyone had a fantastic time! In fact, chapter Queen Cynthia reports, the chapter had two requests to be photographed with strangers!
Etta is not only an active Member of the Big D Re-Gals, but a featured Hatter on the Find Yourself In Our Legacy page!

“How do I know whether or not I am Queen material?”
If you’re asking that question, there’s a good chance that you are Queen material! Red Hat Society Queens come in many varieties, but they all have a few things in common. Queens lead their chapters, and their reign is supreme. Chapters are the heartbeat of our Society and our Queens lead the charge in welcoming new potential Members and making sure their Chapters are renewed annually.
As Queen, you are the liaison between your Chapter and the International Red Hat Society's Hatquarters. Potential new "chapterettes," otherwise known as Supporting Members, will begin contacting you to join your Chapter through the "Contact Chapter" email feature available to Members only. You decide how large you would like your Chapter to be. Typical chapters are made up of 20 women.
Hatquarters sends you personal weekly, monthly and periodic correspondence giving you first-hand knowledge of upcoming events, new partnerships, exciting news and benefits about the Society. In that communication, Founder and Exalted Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper, will give you Queenly advice on how to reign supreme.
When you start a Chapter, you’ll receive a customized Charter identifying your Chapter as an official Chapter of the Red Hat Society. You’ll also receive a Queen's Royal Handbook giving you all the tools necessary to start and maintain your chapter. And as a valued Member, you will receive an official Membership card along with a collectible gift only available to Queens of the RHS.

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