Thursday, March 17, 2011

Precious Jewels Celebrate History
The Precious Jewels (Long Beach, California, United States) know how to throw a special event! Chapterette Moremi Nzinga says, “All who attended our gathering paid homage to Black History month by wearing garments relating to Black heritage/freedom in America. One of our sisters forgot to wear her ‘power to the people’  t shirt. We will let her pass due to she is almost 90, strong, alert, and has a fantastic sense of humor! The court of Precious Jewels resembled royalty wearing their various types of twenty first century formal galabeyas (dress) waiting to exhale to the crowds we imagined.  Various court sisters wore their crowns to accentuate their galabeyas and presented themselves to Queen Johnetta with warm smiles.  Beautiful women preparing their sisters with makeup for the Black History month celebration.  This was so obviously from the heart.
We cannot prevent aging, but we can continue to have fun, and respect our elders. Women having fun must care for their bodies as free women.  We must listen to our inner souls accepting each other for who we are.  We must maintain an open mind and soul, accepting the differences with all of our sisters during good times and bad times!” What a great event!

"So when I join the Society, am I immediately put in a local chapter?"

No, we’d never just toss you into whatever chapter is closest! What if you clash? What if your interests aren’t the same as the group’s? You need to test the waters! Every Member joins the Society as part of the online chapter, Ruby RedHat’s Ramblers. From there, you can use the Contact Chapters feature on the Red Hat Society website to contact chapter Queens in your area and find a chapter that matches your needs and interests! You can even join more than one chapter, as many as you like! To join the Society and start your Hatting adventure, click here!

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