Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doing Good and Having Fun!

While we never require chapters to participate in charity events, some chapters enjoy doing so! On February 22, 2011 seven members of the Desert Rouge Hattitudes, (Hurricane Valley, Utah, United States), presented to the Cancer Clinic at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in St George, Utah, 176 crocheted and knitted hats.   Vel McOmber, Volunteer Rosalee, Robbie Whittle, Gloria Herschell, Queen Joy Adair,Vice Queen Celia Hernandez, Cecile Rathbun and Adelle Lindow attended the presentation." 

"The hats were made by Adelle Lindow, AnnaLou Wilson, Celia Hernandez, Donna Wilkerson, Gloria Herschell (the inspiration behind this idea), Inez Clayton, and Joy Adair, with Cecile Rathbun donating yarn. The volunteer Rosalee & staff member Tracee were overwhelmed with gratitude. They never had so many hats donated at one time. We are planning to make this an annual donation, hopefully with more hats!” What a way to spread the Hattitude! 

Purple and Red Together? Really?

One question that many potential Hatters have is, “I don’t look good in purple and red (or pink and lavender) do I have to wear those colors?”
The short answer is “yes,” but there’s a bit more too it than that! When Sue Ellen Cooper began the Society, the idea was not to have to worry about fashion or appearance: simply to let go and have some fun! The red and purple are a symbol of a shared sisterhood: since no-one else wears those colors together, Hatters are unmistakable! We never thought our smashing colors would take off as a fashion statement, but they certainly have! From the runways of Paris to the red carpets of Hollywood, red, purple, and hats are showing up in the most fashionable of places! 

In a recent New York Times article, Elisa Fulco (curator of the Borsalino Foundation) said, “For sure, we can say that hats are having a fashion moment. But filmmakers have always understood the power of the hat. There are funny hats, magical hats, eccentric hats, erotic hats, hats that are disturbing. Hats are different from other articles of clothing because they are so close to your face; they create a strange link between your appearance and your interiority. Each time you put on a hat, you create an entirely different story.” We couldn't agree more!

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