Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Holiday Weekend
Kay Watson, a Red Hat Society Queen, recently posted on the Queen Member Board (our social media platform) about the wonderful time she’d had at the “Holiday Dazzle” event hosted by a local chapter in New Mexico.

The ladies decided that it was so much fun to celebrate one holiday, why not celebrate all of them…at once! 

Kay writes, “We celebrated Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day, New Year's Eve and Christmas. And of course, my chapterettes had to dress in matching costumes!” What a party that must have been! 

“What is the difference between a Queen and a Supporting Member?”
Queen lead their Chapters, and their reign is supreme. Chapters are the heartbeat of our Society and our Queens lead the charge in welcoming new potential Members and making sure their Chapters are renewed annually. Queens can also plan events and organize get-togethers, or delegate the responsibility to someone else if they choose! In addition to all other Red Hat Society communications, Queens receive a monthly email straight from Red Hat Society Founder Sue Ellen Cooper, keeping them up-to-date on the latest news, happenings, and information. Queens also receive a personalized collectible Chapter Charter when they register their Chapter (and a new one every time the Chapter renews).
Supporting Members are the fun-loving women who have joined the Red Hat Society to make new friends and enjoy life to the fullest! They can also plan events and parties, and play with as many Chapters as they like.

Become a Queen or Supporting Member today!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adding A Touch of Green to the Red and Purple!
Hatters add a little extra sparkle to the world wherever they go, and this Texas chapter is no different! The Big D Re-Gals (Dallas, Texas, United States) had a great St. Patrick’s Day party at The Holy Grail pub! Queen for the Day, Etta, organized the event, and everyone had a fantastic time! In fact, chapter Queen Cynthia reports, the chapter had two requests to be photographed with strangers!
Etta is not only an active Member of the Big D Re-Gals, but a featured Hatter on the Find Yourself In Our Legacy page!

“How do I know whether or not I am Queen material?”
If you’re asking that question, there’s a good chance that you are Queen material! Red Hat Society Queens come in many varieties, but they all have a few things in common. Queens lead their chapters, and their reign is supreme. Chapters are the heartbeat of our Society and our Queens lead the charge in welcoming new potential Members and making sure their Chapters are renewed annually.
As Queen, you are the liaison between your Chapter and the International Red Hat Society's Hatquarters. Potential new "chapterettes," otherwise known as Supporting Members, will begin contacting you to join your Chapter through the "Contact Chapter" email feature available to Members only. You decide how large you would like your Chapter to be. Typical chapters are made up of 20 women.
Hatquarters sends you personal weekly, monthly and periodic correspondence giving you first-hand knowledge of upcoming events, new partnerships, exciting news and benefits about the Society. In that communication, Founder and Exalted Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper, will give you Queenly advice on how to reign supreme.
When you start a Chapter, you’ll receive a customized Charter identifying your Chapter as an official Chapter of the Red Hat Society. You’ll also receive a Queen's Royal Handbook giving you all the tools necessary to start and maintain your chapter. And as a valued Member, you will receive an official Membership card along with a collectible gift only available to Queens of the RHS.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Precious Jewels Celebrate History
The Precious Jewels (Long Beach, California, United States) know how to throw a special event! Chapterette Moremi Nzinga says, “All who attended our gathering paid homage to Black History month by wearing garments relating to Black heritage/freedom in America. One of our sisters forgot to wear her ‘power to the people’  t shirt. We will let her pass due to she is almost 90, strong, alert, and has a fantastic sense of humor! The court of Precious Jewels resembled royalty wearing their various types of twenty first century formal galabeyas (dress) waiting to exhale to the crowds we imagined.  Various court sisters wore their crowns to accentuate their galabeyas and presented themselves to Queen Johnetta with warm smiles.  Beautiful women preparing their sisters with makeup for the Black History month celebration.  This was so obviously from the heart.
We cannot prevent aging, but we can continue to have fun, and respect our elders. Women having fun must care for their bodies as free women.  We must listen to our inner souls accepting each other for who we are.  We must maintain an open mind and soul, accepting the differences with all of our sisters during good times and bad times!” What a great event!

"So when I join the Society, am I immediately put in a local chapter?"

No, we’d never just toss you into whatever chapter is closest! What if you clash? What if your interests aren’t the same as the group’s? You need to test the waters! Every Member joins the Society as part of the online chapter, Ruby RedHat’s Ramblers. From there, you can use the Contact Chapters feature on the Red Hat Society website to contact chapter Queens in your area and find a chapter that matches your needs and interests! You can even join more than one chapter, as many as you like! To join the Society and start your Hatting adventure, click here!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doing Good and Having Fun!

While we never require chapters to participate in charity events, some chapters enjoy doing so! On February 22, 2011 seven members of the Desert Rouge Hattitudes, (Hurricane Valley, Utah, United States), presented to the Cancer Clinic at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in St George, Utah, 176 crocheted and knitted hats.   Vel McOmber, Volunteer Rosalee, Robbie Whittle, Gloria Herschell, Queen Joy Adair,Vice Queen Celia Hernandez, Cecile Rathbun and Adelle Lindow attended the presentation." 

"The hats were made by Adelle Lindow, AnnaLou Wilson, Celia Hernandez, Donna Wilkerson, Gloria Herschell (the inspiration behind this idea), Inez Clayton, and Joy Adair, with Cecile Rathbun donating yarn. The volunteer Rosalee & staff member Tracee were overwhelmed with gratitude. They never had so many hats donated at one time. We are planning to make this an annual donation, hopefully with more hats!” What a way to spread the Hattitude! 

Purple and Red Together? Really?

One question that many potential Hatters have is, “I don’t look good in purple and red (or pink and lavender) do I have to wear those colors?”
The short answer is “yes,” but there’s a bit more too it than that! When Sue Ellen Cooper began the Society, the idea was not to have to worry about fashion or appearance: simply to let go and have some fun! The red and purple are a symbol of a shared sisterhood: since no-one else wears those colors together, Hatters are unmistakable! We never thought our smashing colors would take off as a fashion statement, but they certainly have! From the runways of Paris to the red carpets of Hollywood, red, purple, and hats are showing up in the most fashionable of places! 

In a recent New York Times article, Elisa Fulco (curator of the Borsalino Foundation) said, “For sure, we can say that hats are having a fashion moment. But filmmakers have always understood the power of the hat. There are funny hats, magical hats, eccentric hats, erotic hats, hats that are disturbing. Hats are different from other articles of clothing because they are so close to your face; they create a strange link between your appearance and your interiority. Each time you put on a hat, you create an entirely different story.” We couldn't agree more!

For more commonly asked questions, visit our FAQs

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Queenly Gathering

Red Hat Society chapter Queens flocked from all over the Sunshine State to attend the Royal Court Gathering of Florida, hosted by Queen Chichi of the Red Hat G.R.I.T.S. (Jacksonville, Florida, United States) and Queen Marilyn of the West Coast QC (St. Petersburg, Florida, United States).

What a gathering that was! The ladies were dressed in their most fabulous regalia, and had a great time chatting, eating, playing games, and just enjoying each other’s company! 

“I’m Not 50, Can I Still Play?”

Some women think that they have to wait until they turn 50 to join the Red Hat Society. This just isn’t true! We gladly welcome women of all ages into our sisterhood! The Society is home to both Red Hatters (women over the age of 50) and Pink Hatters (women who have yet to reach the “magic birthday”). We value every Member, both Red and Pink!

In fact, we’re so enthusiastic about welcoming women of all ages, we even dedicated a special part of our website to it! Find your place in our Legacy! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do!

So don’t let that number 50 scare you away! Come be a part of the fun no matter your age!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Showing the Spirit

Diva Jan, Queen of Bits and Bytes, of the Divas of Ancaster, uses any situation she can to explain to others about the Red Hat Society and how they can get involved!

At her community’s soup fest, with over 6000 people in attendance, Jan was asked to be a celebrity server. She used the opportunity to be a Red Hat Society Hatter, dressed in a long gown, a large hat and lots of bling! She served soup and talked to many people about the Red Hat Society. She gave out lots of Red Hat Society referral cards, as well as brochures as she smiled and joked around about all the fun she was having as a Red Hat Society Member!

Jan is one of our beloved Red Hat Society Ambassadors! Ambassadors promote our philosophy of Fun, Friendship, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fitness as they create awareness of the Red Hat Society. Jan, and other women like her, are spreading the word about the difference the Society has made in their lives! 

What’s a Pink Hatter?

Sometimes when our ladies are out and about, you may spot a woman wearing a pink hat with a lavender outfit. These ladies are our beloved Pink Hatters! Pink Hatters, sometimes known as “Ladies in Waiting,” are a wonderful and essential part of the Red Hat Society. Not yet 50, Pink Hatters deck themselves in lavender and pink until the "magic birthday!" Some chapters are made up entirely of Pink Hatters! Pink Hatters can even reign as Queens—but they continue to wear lavender and pink until they REDuate. Pink Hatters are a huge part of the RHS legacy: women of all ages find sisterhood in the Red Hat Society!

We strongly encourage that the donning of the “big girl” colors of red and purple be reserved until a woman has reached the "magic birthday" (50). This adds an element of fun to getting older, which we think is invaluable to women in our society who often dread doing so and deny it at all costs. We believe that getting older should be something to be accepted, anticipated and enjoyed!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hatquarters celebrated Valentine’s Day this year, and to our delight, the Hatters from our Queen Member Board (our Member-exclusive social forums) swamped our 

mailboxes with cards and gifts! Every staff member created a basket for valentines and the QMBers mailed in cards, treats, and notes to the whole office! 

We got Valentines from as far away as Canada! Some Hatters even dropped by the office to deliver their Valentines in person! On Monday, February 14, Hatquarters was overrun with Hatters delivering more cards and well-wishes. Whew! What a day that was! We chatted, giggled, shared plates of goodies and cups of tea as we enjoyed the day! What a perfect way to celebrate!

What’s With the Hat?

One of the questions that our ladies often get is, “Why is your symbol a hat? Aren’t they a little outdated?” Our answer? “Not at all!” We wear our hats with pride because hats are unique, dramatic, and as diverse as the women who wear them. The Founder of the Red Hat Society, Sue Ellen Cooper, bought her first red hat in a thrift store in Arizona, because she liked the way it looked and how daring she felt when she wore it. (That first hat is now in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History!) Soon after, Sue Ellen gave another red hat to her best friend, Linda Murphy, as a reminder to face aging with her characteristic good humor. Linda loved the gift, and the two women gave several more hats to their friends. One day, they decided to go out to tea in their red hats and purple dresses, and the Red Hat Society was born! We may come from different backgrounds and live in different countries, but we all share that red hat as a symbol of our sisterhood!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the Red Hat Society blog!  We’re going to be sharing some special stories and information about the world’s greatest women’s social organization in the world! You can subscribe to the blog by RSS, add it to your Google Reader, or just check back every few days for updates!

One of the reasons we've created this blog is to answer some common questions about the Red Hat society.  A question we’re often asked is, “Why set 50 as the age to become a Red Hatter?”  The answer’s simple: it seemed like a good idea! Founder Sue Ellen Cooper gave a red hat to her best friend Linda Murphy on a “fifty-ish” birthday, to remind her to face aging with a sense of humor and adventure. As the Society grew, 50 just seemed like the natural place to draw the line! Read all about it here!

We absolutely welcome women under the age of 50: watch for more info in upcoming posts!

The Red Hat Society Goes Red
We are proud to support the efforts of the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women! Every year, Hatters are encouraged to get into the spirit of things by wearing a red dress on February 4, Go Red for Women Day. Chapters from all over participate! The Red Hot Tomatoes (Placentia, California, United States) celebrated National Wear Red Day by going to lunch! Queen Sandra writes, “We were all given a copy of the American Heart Association's information on heart disease in women and their invitation to join their mission.  We also tuned up our kazoos and serenaded our February birthday girls with song and accompaniment.  What a fun afternoon we all had!” Not to be outdone, the Crown Jewels (Susanville, California, United States), also got decked out in red garb, and celebrated the day! Queen Sherry said, “We had a great lunch, picked up a new member, and all enjoyed finding red clothes ‘head to toe’!”