Thursday, April 16, 2015

Magnetic Note holder

A "To Do" list, a picture, a note for a loved one, a note to ourselves, something motivational or a warm and fuzzy feeling about home....every house hold has one or two or more....

 A refrigerator colorfully decorated with  magnets of all kinds, to hold our little reminders and memories.  We have crafted  a clothes pin into a magnetic clip. The magnetic clip can be decorated in any color to flow with the color scheme in your kitchen and add  a little sparkle to your artful collection on your refrigerator door. 

Extra large clothing pin
Magnetic strips
rhinestones or glitter

Glue two strips of magnetic tape on the back of the clothes pin. This will secure the weight of the pin and make sure that it does not slide once it is placed on the refrigerator.  Allow the magnetic strips to dry for 24 hours.

Glue rhinestones to the top and allow to dry.

Beautiful and practical!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eyes tell the Story

Red Hat Society Members out and about town in their bright colors, often cause a stir.  If they aren't taking pictures of each other, they are being asked by a curious public to have their picture taken!  The Society’s Red Snappers and Digital Dames love making us look our Royal best in every picture.  Whether taking the picture or being in it, here are some helpful hints to give your pictures punch!

Have some fun!
The best photographs usually aren't those where everyone is standing posed for the camera.  Let’s see some action.  Show those smiles, the hugs, the silly poses: just be yourself!
Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.
Our eyes tell the story.  Make sure that everyone’s eyes are visible.

Light it up.
Take the pictures in good lighting; sunshine is usually the best, but warm indoor lighting works, too.  Keep the brightest light behind the camera.

Include a Focal Point.
Group photos really make an impact and so do ones with a focal point.  A focal point such as a sign, a skyline or menu shows the viewer where you are, what you were doing and will be recognizable even years into the future.  

If you like to do videos, much of the same advice applies.
  • If you miss the eyes, you will miss the story. 
  • Remember to have the light at your back. 
  • Use your video camera like a still camera – don’t wander; just point, shoot and stop! Then repeat. 
  • The best advice is to keep your video short.  If it’s three minutes or more, cut it by two-thirds.

Last but not least, don’t forget to occasionally step out from behind the camera and get in the picture, too!

The Red Hat Society welcomes you to learn more about us.    Come to the next RHS International Convention, the Speedway Sparkle. We’d love to see you there! Bring your camera. Make a few memories.  Join us; you’ll be glad you did.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

No Growling, Screaming or Running

If Goldilocks had been born in the 21th Century, one of our favorite childhood stories may have had a completely different ending!  A modern Goldilocks would have been friends on the Bear family’s Facebook page and most likely would have one day received a friendly private message from Mrs. Bear inviting her to her home for breakfast.  We imagine that Mrs. Bear’s message would have read something like, “Oh Goldie, we might not be there when you arrive so I’ll leave the door open and you are welcome to make yourself at home!”   In our time, with one simple post, all the growling, screaming and running would be completely written out of the story!!

In all seriousness, (or as serious as we get at the Red Hat Society), we’d like to point out that the way Hatters communicate has dramatically changed since Red Hat Society’s inception and most of us didn't even see it coming.  We love it!  What would we do without the miracle of email, the internet and social media?  

After happily playing all day in a RHS Virtual Mad Hatters Tea Party, one of our Members expressed it best,

“And I fought using Facebook!”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Red Hat Chat blog, Pinterest; no matter what the future brings, Hatters are ready.  Communicate and connect – It’s what we do.  We welcome you to learn more about us.    Come to the next RHS International Convention, the Speedway Sparkle. We’d love to see you there! Join us; you’ll be glad you did.