Wednesday, September 6, 2017


The Perfect Shade of Pink

When it comes to defining your Hatting-style, it is imperative to find the perfect hat for you. Many women focus on the size, shape and style of the hat, while other places a great amount of emphasis on the color. Afterall, your hat should compliment both your complexion and your hair color. Empress Becky of the Red Hat Power Ladies (Saarbr├╝cken, Germany) knows this dilemma all too well. She recently wrote to Hatquarters about her Chapterette’s journey to discover her Pink Hat style, and what she discovered in the end is so worth the share!

 “I can see both sides (I'm Gemini) of rules and no rules, but would like to tell you a story along these lines. When I wanted to start my very first Chapter in Germany, I told all my friends what the Red Hat Society is about and invited them to come to the first meeting a few months later. One friend was thrilled to hear about it, because she loves to wear hats and had already a small collection, including a red one. A week or so later, she said, ‘Becky, now I hear I have to wear a pink hat because I'm under 50 -- you didn't say anything about that! I can't possibly wear a pink hat with my red hair!’ I gulped and told her, ‘Well we don't have a rule about it, just a very, very strong recommendation from the Founder Sue Ellen!’ During those weeks up until the first meeting, I kept sending her very modern pictures of wonderful rose-pink and hot-pink hats, but she wasn't happy about any of them. I repeated to myself, ‘Not a rule, not a rule.’

On the day of the meeting, I opened my front door when she rang and my jaw must have dropped, because there she stood wearing a hat in old rose! ‘This is the right color for me,’ she said, ‘I can identify with this!’
Since then, she has come to love her pink hats (3 by now), declaring ‘Pinkie Power!’ at the drop of a hat. Recently, she corrected me, as I explained to an interested woman that she had to wear pink.
 ‘Not HAVE TO,’ she said, ‘GET TO!’"

 What a perfect match Empress Becky! Thank you for sharing this story with the Sisterhood!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


I’d say that many Red Hatters are just naturally good at friendship. Maybe there are some, here and there, who learned a bit more about friendship after becoming Hatters. In any case, taken as a group, I think we’re friendship experts.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one." So simple! But, like most simple ideas, it’s also very profound.

Friendship is not something we reach out and grab; it’s not something we can just demand and receive. In order to make a new friend, we must first relate to the new acquaintance as an already-established friend would do.

A friendship has to be constructed from a series of interactions. That’s one of the reasons we advocate gathering with great regularity with your friends; just being together often, over time leads to sharing lives, confidences, shared laughter and pain. It is built incrementally. What starts as acquaintance slowly becomes something more. You may not even notice that something is gradually developing and building.

"Yard by yard, it’s very hard. But inch by inch, it’s a cinch." - Anon

Then, when the not so good times come....

"But every road is rough to me that has no friend to cheer it." - Elizabeth Shane

In friendship
Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder and Exalted Queen Mother of The Red Hat Society

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Thursday, August 17, 2017


You know the women I’m talking about—the ones who take the spotlight in a group and can also take criticism with a smile on their face. Confident women are that little piece of magic in this world that reminds us how good we are and how great we could be. Whether you consider yourself a confident woman or look up to one, it’s no secret that we’re all inspired by them. These women not only embody the traits of self-love, but they’ve also turned it into a lifestyle. Read further to discover the five habits of truly confident women.
1. They seek challenges.

The fear of failure stops many people from taking chances—but not confident women. Instead, they search for opportunities to challenge themselves and view any “failure” that comes from it as simply a stepping stone to get to where they want. These women collect experiences through trial and error, expose themselves to new ideas and constantly push themselves to continue learning. Whether it’s changing their career path or investing time and money into mastering a new hobby, confident women aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone—they live for it.
2. They support instead of compare.

With the convenience of social media, it’s nearly impossible to not know what someone is doing. It takes a swipe of a finger and a screenshot of an image to discover what someone is up to and share it with your friend. Although it’s easy to begin comparing yourself to the successes and life decisions of others, confident woman avoid this toxic decision and choose to support. Thus, they open the door to networking with more people and feeling inspired by the milestones of others (instead of threatened by them).
3. They hold themselves accountable.

Confident women not only have goals—but they also have steps they take to achieve them. They’re not waiting for a sign to make a move, because they’re already too busy taking action and pursuing what they want. These women understand that their lives are happening right now and that it’s up to them to take control of it..
4. They communicate effectively.

The ability to communicate is a skill that anyone in any situation can gain from. Confident women are the walking definition of this—they easily adjust to social settings and can hold conversations on a wide variety of topics due to their knowledge and natural curiosity to learn more. Not only are they a pleasure to speak to, but they also have positive body language that makes them easy to approach. Whether a confident woman is giving a professional presentation or explaining her feelings during a conflict, she’s able to clearly communicate in a way that’s simple for people to understand, making others want to listen.
5. They ask questions.

Similar to how confident women live outside of their comfort zones, they also don’t accept views and ideas simply because they’re told to. They’re individuals, and they aren’t afraid to be who they are—and fight for it. Confident women are natural born leaders— even RHS Queens - they’re people who aren’t afraid to ask questions to try to understand a concept better. Furthermore, they won’t settle their standards to comply with what the majority of people believe. They aren’t afraid of standing alone, and that’s what makes them worth standing with.
By The Everygirl. Edited.

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